Rosy Hewitt

Please note: the gallery contains cropped versions of  Rosy's work. Click on individual images to view them at full size.
Rosy was born in Sydney and semi-retired to a large property in the hinterland of Byron Bay in 2000 where her love of botany and gardening flourished. Until 2007, she had not picked up a paint brush since leaving school. She is basically self-taught.
Whilst holidaying in Hobart in 2007, Rosy’s love of detailed botanical drawing and painting was ignited after seeing an artist’s water-colour collection of Tasmanian flora. This led her to complete a Botanical Art External Course with international tutor and artist, Leonie Norton in 2008 and she has been a dedicated botanic artist since.
She joined the Botanical Artists’ Society of Queensland in 2011. She has been exhibiting annually in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and in Canberra Botanical. Her paintings are hung in private collections.
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