Dorothee Sampayo

Dorothee Nijgh De Sampayo Garrido
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Born in the Netherlands. After retiring from work in 2005 I settled in Australia for a couple of years. Whilst living and working in the tropics, in the 80's, I started painting in watercolour. Mainly self-taught but received some tuition by Ms Christabel King at Kew Gardens. Since 2006 I have attended workshops by Margaret Saul, Leonie Norton, John Pastoriza-Pinol and Gillian Rankin.
I studied botany and received training in ink drawing at the Herbarium at Leyden University.
I've had solo exhibitions in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. I'm currently a member of BASQ and BASA and have participated in in-group exhibitions since 2005.
My works are signed VR (van Riel), as a tribute to my maternal grandfather.
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