Botanical Artists' Society of Queensland courses program:
Courses will be held in the seminar room at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. 
Skill levels for courses:
The following is a guide for people who are considering enrolling in BASQ courses.
Beginner: Has no prior instruction in botanical drawing or painting techniques.
Intermediate: Has an emerging ability in botanical drawing and painting techniques so as to depict a reasonably accurate representation of the subject. Skills required include a basic knowledge of perspective and composition, an ability to recognise colour mixes and the ability to control washes.
Advanced: Has the ability to accurately depict the subject so that it can be identified by a botanist. In drawing - Has a good understanding of botanical drawing techniques and a sound knowledge of composition. Is able to apply this knowledge and demonstrate the ability to produce finished drawings to a high standard. In painting - has the ability to control the application of colour. Has an excellent understanding of colour mixing and glazing techniques. Has the ability to obtain perspective in a painting through the use of colour.

Margaret Hastie Courses
Please note that we will be running the full complement of courses of botanic drawing and painting this year. To view details download the program.

Introduction to Botanical Drawing Part 1
This four-week course is designed to introduce people to the intricacies of botanical drawing which constitutes the fundamental structure of all botanic art. The focus is observation. Training the eye to see what is there, not what the mind thinks is there.
Participants will learn to draw leaf shapes & simple flowers accurately, using line only.

Introduction to Botanical Drawing Part 2
The course builds on those skills introduced in part 1. The subject matter will increase in complexity. Attachment to stem, flower parts, controlled line, shading and perspective will be covered.
Notes will be provided.
Refresher course
A refresher course is available here, for students who have previously completed Margaret’s courses in Introductory Botanic Drawing and Introductory Botanic Painting.
For the full program and to register, download the forms below (read carefully registration information):

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